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Building Strong Homes podcast

Nov 16, 2021

Today we conclude our fatherhood series with representative Mark Willis from Fountain Inn. Mark and I have known each other since high school and I've always been impressed with his heart for others and love for his family. In this episode, he shares his fears about becoming a father and how now his favorite thing he gets to do is be a daddy to his three adult children and now a son and daughter-in-law. He also talks about what made him get into politics and why his family is so involved in the process. And he shares a fun fact about how he and his wife, Tracy, have purchased a small farm in Fountain Inn and how that has helped his family grow even closer. Mark has always been involved in his children's lives, and was even the PTA president during their elementary, middle and high school years. But, he's quick to give credit to Tracy for being a great teammate on their parenting journey with God as their coach. He also shares about how he and Tracy made a huge sacrifice after they had their first child in order for her to be a stay-at-home mom. I know you'll love getting to know Mark and learning more about him and his family. My prayer is that this episode will help you build a stronger relationship with your own kids.