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Building Strong Homes: Blueprints to Strengthen Your Faith and Family podcast

May 16, 2023

Heather Millsaps and Leslie Hawkins are two of the co-founders of New Day Recovery in Fountain Inn, S.C. Both ladies and their husbands have incredible testimonies of how God delivered their husbands from drug and alcohol addiction and saved their marriages. Leslie's husband, Stephen, has epilepsy and suffered a seizure that resulted in him having brain surgery that exacerbated his existing drug and alcohol addiction. Heather's husband, Glenn, had a shoulder injury that resulted in him becoming dependent on painkillers. Both of these families walked a difficult road to recovery and, after the healing came, Leslie had a recurring dream about helping people recover from addiction. After having the dream several times, she finally shared it with her husband, who shared it with one of their church pastors, who in turn encouraged them to start a ministry. Heather, who wasn't aware of Leslie's dreams, responded in an act of obedience from a Sunday morning message saying she felt she needed to help people seeking recovery. Once these ladies and their husbands, along with two other couples, Nick and Wimberly Cox and John and Megan Phillips, got together they created New Day Recovery with the help of Capstone Church. Megan, by the way, was on episode #73 and Laura Barrineau, who is also mentioned in this episode, was my guest in episode #72. I hope you'll listen to their stories as well.

You're going to love Leslie and Heather and their hearts for helping individuals and families in their recovery journey. When you're going through something hard, it's such a comfort to have someone come alongside you and say, "I understand, I've been there too. I can help." That's what this group is doing. If you or someone you love struggles with addiction, I pray this episode will give you practical ways to find hope and healing.