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Building Strong Homes podcast

Nov 30, 2021

This week I'm introducing you to Sandy Myer's. Sandy is a first generation American who struggled with fitting in as she was growing up. Her parents divorced when she was a teenager and the only stability she had during that time was from her aunt who lived hours away. But that aunt influenced her and her twin sister to give their lives to Jesus and they were never the same. Sandy shares how people would ask them why they smiled so much and they would always tell then about Jesus. Even though her parents never reconciled, God eventually redeemed her entire family and now they all love the Lord.

When Sandy became an adult she knew she wanted to be a wife and mom, but struggled with singleness until she was 30 years old, when she finally found her husband. Then, after a few years of marriage they went through years of infertility. Sandy learned pretty quickly that God's dream is the home. She says, "He's really into marriage and all of that. But when you come out of brokenness, growing up a product of divorce--an adult child of divorce--there's some trust issues that automatically come."

Sandy also talks about being a temperament coach and gives us insight into how learning our own temperament can help us with our relationships and finding our best self. And if you stay until the end of the episode you'll hear about a special bonus I have for all of my listeners. Let's just say it's a Christmas gift and birthday celebration all rolled into one!