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Building Strong Homes podcast

Apr 5, 2022

Today's guest, Melissa Capps, has lots of great tips and insight on the relationship between clutter and our mental health. Melissa worked in the mental health space for several years before she started her home organization business, Simple Spaces, ten years ago. Y'all, there is so much good stuff we discuss in this episode. Melissa's business literally began from a Facebook post asking if anyone needed help organizing. With her unique understanding of clutter AND mental health, she's been able to help many people figure out how to organize the spaces in their lives. She's believes there's no perfect way to organize and that it looks different for every person. Organizing your space well is about what works for YOU and brings YOU peace. And Melissa answers the question why we procrastinate so much. She also believes our homes are not meant to be museums or storage units--they're where you live.

I'm also excited to share that Melissa will be one of our speakers at the Building Strong Homes Live Hometown Event on May 21 in Fountain Inn. She'll be doing the VIP pre-conference hands-on workshop, Conquer the Clutter, that morning and at the evening event she'll be speaking about Reclaiming Peace in Your Home and Life. Please go check out the link to find out more about the event and to purchase tickets. It's going to be so much fun!!