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Building Strong Homes podcast

Sep 19, 2023

In a world where children's literature seemed innocent and free from controversy, Marcia Moston's journey took an unexpected turn. As she embarked on her role as a library board member, little did she know that she would stumble upon a hidden truth. The prevalence of gender identity ideology in those beloved books shook her to the core, shattering her perception of what was safe for children. But it was a chance encounter with a frail individual who had undergone a life-altering transition that deepened her longing for answers. And now, she realizes her quest is far from over.

Marcia is a dear friend with a vibrant personality who, beyond her teaching prowess and literary finesse, has delved into a realm not commonly her playing field. Fortified with years of experience as an English educator as well as a storyteller, Marcia has used her convincing wit to voice her concerns about the sweeping wave of gender identity ideologies affecting our youth. She has bravely accepted to navigate this controversial territory with the sole intent to help educate parents wading through the unsettling tide. Her empathetic nature coupled with an educator's understanding makes her a reliable compass on this voyage.

Kids want help and hope. We need to be there for them, navigating through the challenges and providing support. - Marcia Moston

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