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Building Strong Homes podcast

Feb 21, 2023

After the death of her brother and son in the same month, Amy Debrucque understandably struggled privately with severe anxiety. It would take a cancer diagnosis 14 years later for her to finally lean into her faith and surrender the burden of fear. She learned that although fear is normal, courage gets the final say. Amy had to walk through her own journey of letting go of anxiety and fear before she could teach women like her how to stop being afraid and start living on purpose and has spent the last five years coaching and leading others to freedom. 

One thing Amy shares in this interview that I believe many of us can relate to is, "At night was my kryptonite. I could be great all day and then the silence at night was deafening to me... That's when my anxiety would really ramp up. It was in the evening when all of those negative thoughts and all those fears would pour in. It was debilitating." But now she has learned the secret to overcoming anxiety and fear: surrendering to God every day. I know my conversation with Amy will be an encouragement to you if you're facing fear, anxiety, perfectionism or having the confidence to step into the purpose God has for your life.