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Building Strong Homes podcast

Aug 22, 2023

In the heartland of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Daniel Grothe grew up enveloped in the loving embrace of a pastor's home. Faith and community were his foundation, guiding him through life's ups and downs. But it was the unexpected twist that awaited him in Colorado Springs that would truly test his understanding of stability. Little did he know, the purchase of a piece of land would not only connect him to his childhood memories on his grandparents' ranch in Idaho, but it would also reveal a deeper purpose - one that would forever alter the course of his life. Daniel's narrative paints a vivid picture of connectedness, place, and stability. Taking cues from his grandparents, who lived in the same small town in Idaho for 86 years, he emphasizes the importance of belonging in a community and sustaining deep roots. He shares how location greatly impacts our sense of self-value and how living in a place for a long period allows us to forge deep relationships and develop a sense of community. This sense of belonging can tremendously enhance our self-value, reinforcing the idea that we are significant and valued members of our community. His perspectives are sure to challenge your thoughts and provide fresh insights.

We are living in a human experiment for the first time in human history... living as tourists instead of as members of a place we're passing through. - Daniel Grothe

Loneliness is worse for our health than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. - Daniel Grothe