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Building Strong Homes podcast

Oct 18, 2022

I'm pretty excited to tell you about today's guest, Tanya Christiansen, because she's an actress who recently played in the movie, The Mulligan with Eric Close and Pat Boone. I've never interviewed an actress and it was so fun to go behind the scenes with her and hear how movies come together and the comradery that's shared between the cast and crew. Now, you may be wondering how a movie relates to building strong homes. Well, entertainment is a big part of Christian families' lives and it's really hard to find good quality movies that are clean, have a good moral and story and can be watched by children. This movie is one of those rarities. So, listen to my conversation with Tanya and find out why The Mulligan is a great movie to see. It's the story of second chances through the power of Jesus Christ. Tanya also shares about being in the movie, I Still Believe, based on Jeremy Camp losing his first wife to cancer. That's another great movie recommendation. I hope this episode will encourage you to support Christian entertainment so more good quality movies and TV shows will be made.