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Building Strong Homes podcast

Sep 5, 2023

In a world defined by the pursuit of greatness and recognition, one woman dared to challenge the norms. Kelly Needham's captivating journey unfolds, revealing an unexpected twist she didn't anticipate. As she grapples with her identity and insecurities amidst her husband's soaring success, an internal dialogue sparks, questioning the meaning of it all. She discovers how we as a society have been fooled into chasing meaning and purpose in all the wrong places, identifies the source of our hunger for the extraordinary and shows us the steps we can take today to build a purpose-filled reality without turning our lives upside-down.

Kelly Needham, an author and Bible teacher, is an inspiring personality who lives in the bustling city of Dallas, Texas. Kelly, a mother to five wonderful children, uses her experiences to motivate others to find true contentedness beyond societal expectations. Her book, 'Purposefooled', is a testament to her realizations and learnings about how a meaningful life is not defined by external recognition but by the individual's internal sense of fulfillment.

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