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Building Strong Homes: Blueprints to Strengthen Your Faith and Family podcast

Mar 7, 2023

As Laura Barrineau tells it, she hasn't suffered a lot of terrible things in her life and for years she felt like her testimony wasn't good enough. Many times, when we grow up in a good Christian home, accept Christ as a child and live mostly for Jesus, we don't think our stories are good enough to share. But Laura eventually realized that even though she didn't have a miraculous testimony, that didn't mean God didn't want her to share her story. Instead of feeling guilty, she began to express gratitude to God for the good things He's allowed her to experience and that's caused her to grow even closer to Him.

Laura and her husband, Chris, have stepped out in faith and God has given them amazing testimonies about how they planted a church, adopted a sweet down-syndrome baby, Caleb, from China, and are now opening their hearts and homes to foster kids who need their love and encouragement. She and Chris understand that everybody's story is different, but God wants to use everybody's story for His glory. My conversation with Laura will bless your socks off!