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Building Strong Homes podcast

Jul 12, 2022

In this week’s episode, I’m honored to introduce you to Kathy Burry. If you live in our area, you probably know Kathy or her husband, Jimbo. Kathy is such a delight, even though she’s endured so much heartache in her life. She lost her mother to suicide when Kathy was only 29 years old, and she was diagnosed with breast cancer and endured chemo and a mastectomy in her 40’s. But her greatest challenge was losing her 20-year-old son to leukemia 16 years ago. Actually, this episode releases on the 16th anniversary of her son, Johnny’s, death. Kathy talks about how good God has been to her even though she’s had to walk such a difficult path. She says, “Only God can give peace to a broken-hearted mama and daddy that have to live without their boy on this earth.” This episode touched my heart so much. Kathy’s story will encourage you and give you hope, especially if you’re walking your own difficult journey. If you don’t already know and love Kathy, you definitely will after this episode.