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Building Strong Homes podcast

May 30, 2023

Cynthia Tobias has been on my bucket list since before I started this podcast because of the work she's done teaching about the strong-willed child. Her book, You Can't Make Me: But I Can Be Persuaded, was a key influence in helping me raise my strong-willed daughter, Elise. Before I knew how to handle her stubborn temperament, I would frequently end up frustrated and in a puddle of tears. But once I learned some of the tools and tips Cynthia shares, it became easier for me to understand how to get Elise to cooperate more (hint: it doesn't involve getting angry or raising your voice).

In this episode Cynthia shares, Three Quick Ways to Recognize and deal with Your Strong-Willed Child, Teen or Adult, as well as the magic word you can use that almost always works to get a strong-willed person to cooperate and where you can find immediate free resources like The Strong-Willed Child Emergency Kit. I know you'll be so encouraged with Cynthia's solid advice on helping guide your strong-willed child. As she states in this episode," It's a compliment that God gave us to have a strong-willed child... When they're born, they don't have any idea how to use it. It's up to us to help guide it, shape it, and form it and let God use it." You're going to want to thank Cynthia after hearing this episode.