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Building Strong Homes podcast

Apr 4, 2023

Jennifer Dukes Lee has been on my bucket list to interview since I started the podcast. I've followed her blog for years and have always been drawn to her authenticity and vulnerability and her writing has ministered to me, especially in my season of parenting. On this episode Jennifer and I discuss a little about her book, Growing Slow: Lessons on Unhurrying Your Heart from an Accidental Farm Girl, and the section she most wanted to delete from it titled Winter. But y'all! It was the best part of all! She also talks about her new book, Stuff I'd Only Tell God: A Guided Journal of Courageous Honesty, Obsessive Truth-Telling and Beautifully Ruthless Self-Discovery. 

When I saw that Jennifer's latest book was a journal, I wasn't sure what to expect, but she's convinced me this is something we all need. She shares the benefits of journaling and how the practice can help us heal and give us confidence to face our future. She asks questions in this book that truly help us find the answers to why we struggle with certain things, kind of like a counseling session, and helps us find hope to overcome our strongholds. Jennnifer shares one of her favorite questions in the journal (I loved this one!) as well as one of the hardest questions for her to address. This episode will enlighten you in so many ways and I know you'll love Jennifer and want to get this journal for yourself!