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Building Strong Homes podcast

Mar 21, 2023

When Megan Phillips was 35 years old, she found out that her father was not her biological dad. This news left her reeling, thinking that her whole life had been a lie. But after the initial shock, she decided she wanted to find her biological father and set about looking for him with only two pieces of information: a fake name and a fake home state (neither of which she knew was fake). But God intervened and she miraculously found her biological dad and was amazed by the wonderful grace of God in her life. Megan's mom told her about her real father in a fit of anger before going to get help for her alcohol abuse. But Megan shares that "in the process of Mom breaking, she shattered me. But I don't know that I'd have it any other way." As I listened to Megan's story the verse from Genesis 50:20 kept coming to mind. What the enemy meant for evil God used for good. 

Listen how Megan not only found her biological father, but also two half-brothers and her dad's wife. Megan says that "my life would not be the same today if my (adoptive) dad had not stepped in and raised me as his own." Isn't that the story of the gospel? I know you'll enjoy hearing Megan's story of healing and hope.