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Building Strong Homes podcast

Sep 21, 2021

Y'all, I'm so excited for you to hear this episode with Katie J.Trent! With school back in full swing and the stresses of COVID possibly keeping kid's home again, I know Katie's message will give you practical wisdom you're searching for if you're trying to decide whether or not homeschooling is the right fit for your family. I know Katie's message will equip you with much of what you need to know to get started. She is such an inspiration to parents who are scared to homeschool because of all of the unknowns. 

But, even if homeschooling isn't on your radar, Katie's story is such a powerful testimony of how God worked in a young girl's life while she was living in a dysfunctional home. Her dad abandoned their family when Katie was in middle school and left her mom to raise five kids alone. Katie was confused because of the vastly different faith of her parents and had prayed for God to give her clarity about what was true. Then she married and had a very rocky first couple of years until God intervened. She and her husband knew they wanted a different life than what they'd seen growing up, but didn't know how to get there. Eventually Katie left a thriving career in school counseling and mental health program management so she and her husband could bring her kiddos home. Katie's mission is to inspire women to grow in their faith, strengthen their families and simplify their homeschooling journeys. She has a book coming out in October titled, Dishing Up Devotions: 36 faith Building Activities for Homeschooling Families, that is a great resource for anyone wanting to grow their children's faith through interactive , fun and practical devotions. I know you're going to love Katie!